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Welcome to Bachofner Image Group!

Bachofner Image Group is a full service marketing, advertising, public relations and information technology firm oriented toward Central California.

Our team generally serves Monterey, SantaCruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, San Luis Obispo and parts of Merced, Fresno and Kern Counties. That said, we are a "virtual" firm in that we do not maintain a physical presence — we come to you as necessary! We will consider clients with interesting projects outside our general geographic area This often includes Southern California and clients as far flung as Florida, more generally the Eastern Seaboard and even Western Europe.

Core services

We specialize in technology-based marketing systems and campaigns. This includes websites and targeted, direct contact methods. We also have extensive experience with all other aspects of design, including but not limited to print, packaging, signage, audio, photography and video/film -- and, from time to time, architecture and property development entitlement facilitation. We also offer a comprehensive suite of crisis management services.

We can help your company and its brand(s) align its advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns for intensifying impact among prospective customers. Correctly applied, this improves our clients’ market penetration.

In addition to offering a full complement of marketing services, Bachofner Image Group has core specialties in marketing-automation (i.e. SFA, CRM) software development as well as the ability to manage computing and communications infrastructures for clients commissioning such custom-designed, event-driven marketing databases and presentation technologies. Our software development projects have led us to manage the entire IT stack for many of our clients including not only desktop/laptop computers, servers and smart devices, but also relevant servers and both the on and off premises network. In these cases we act as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).